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Frozen yogurt bark is a cool, crunchy snack packed with flavor and nutrients! This snack is just as delicious as chocolate bark, but so much healthier!


3 cups of Greek yogurt

¼ cup of honey

Handful of granola


Line a square metal pan with parchment paper

Mix Greek yogurt and honey together

Pour yogurt into pan, and make a smooth layer

Sprinkle with granola

Drizzle with honey

Place pan in the freezer

When yogurt is hardened, take yogurt out of pan and break into jagged, fun pieces


Why should I eat yogurt bark instead of chocolate bark?

Yogurt bark has many ingredients that help your body stay healthy!

Greek yogurt: yogurt contains calcium which helps you bones stay strong.

Honey: honey helps sweeten food without adding extra chemicals as in processed sugars. It can help reduce your chance of heart disease and cancer, regulate blood sugar, and reduce ulcers.

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