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I love all kinds of vegetables. Not long ago, this was not the case. Now I like to try all sorts of new vegetables. It started when my sister dared me to try a new vegetable. We tried some fun, tasty, and unusual ones. Now we all try to find new ones to try wherever we go. I’ve put together a collection of some of my favorite snacking vegetables below. You can help pick them out when you go to the store with your parents next time. (I bet they might be impressed that you ask to help!)

Place the vegetables into a colander.

Place the colander under cool running water to wash.

Chop the celery into angled C shapes. You will probably need some help from an adult for this.

We got a spiralizer because we saw some fun zucchini spirals. I don’t know why, but the shape seems to make it taste even better.

If you are younger, you may want an adult to help you with this.

I also love the rainbow carrots. Cut them into discs.

Radishes are fun because they leave a zing in your mouth.

Next I like to wedge my cucumbers.

Place the vegetables into serving bowls.

Get a bowl and serve yourself. Take plenty of your favorites, but be sure to try a few of the less familiar ones too. Remember, this is how you learn to like new foods.

If you have leftovers, you can make a bowl of salad greens with lettuce, spinach, or kale and make a salad bar. You could also use them to make stir fry.

Other ideas:

For fun, have a veggie bar at your next party, as you can see it is lots of fun and goes well with pizza too!

Science you can use:

Check back soon for the science update.

Equipment used:

If you would like to make spiral vegetables, click on the spiralizer below to get your own. I also love the fun shapes of the fruit and vegetable cutting boards. If you’d like one, click on the orange cutting board below.








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