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There are endless combinations to make the perfect trail mix. I have left you numerous options, please do not feel the need to add every ingredient to your trail mix- in fact I discourage it because this is only a snack and you do not need to fill up before the next meal. Feel free to omit certain ingredients from your trail mix if you have allergies or simply do not want that ingredient. For the ingredients without amounts written next to them, add as much or as little as you like.

Trail Mix


1 tbsp Peanuts

1 tbsp Cashews

1 tbsp Pistachios

Dried cherries

Dried raisins

Dried blueberries


Dark chocolate M&Ms



Quaker Oat Squares


Popcorn is one of my favorites. I bet you didn’t know that it is considered a whole grain. You can buy it pre-popped, but I prefer to pop my own fresh.  My favorite way to pop it is with a hot air popper.  Just 3 tablespoons, pops into a generous 5 cups of popped corn! Plus there is no added fat!

Be careful as you add the corn to the popper or you may loose a few kernels as we did here.

You may have to wait a minute for the popper to  heat the air, but be patient- it will be worth it!

Watching the first few kernels pop is pretty awesome.

Before  you know it, you’ll  have a bowl full of popcorn.

Assemble the rest of your ingredients. I put the higher fat content ingredients into smaller bowls. This way I helps me to see to take more of the ingredients in the larger bowls, and less of those in the smaller bowls.

Place your favorite ingredients in a bowl.  If you are taking it on a hike you can also make it in a sandwich size plastic bag.

Combine the ingredients in your bowl or close the bag and gently shake to evenly distribute all components of the trail mix.

Enjoy! (You do not have to eat all the trail mix in one sitting, you can simply close the bag and save the rest for later if you are not that hungry.)

Equipment used:

If you would like to pop your own hot air popped pop corn, click on the popper below to get your own.


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